QR Code Generator

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Create a free QR code

Our QR code generator allows you to generate a QR code from the URL you want to share.

Free service, create QR codes and use them wherever you want.
Multiple services, Generate codes for URLs, calls, APPs, Skype, etc.
Automatically generate QR codes using our API.
Compatible QR codes are compatible with any device.

Create a QR code

Thanks to this QR code generator, you can create and share QR codes. This generator allows you to share links as well as direct access to phone features or applications.

Advantages of QR Codes

The use of QR codes has many advantages, the most notable are:

  • QR codes attract attention and create curiosity in the user
  • QR codes provide direct and immediate information to the user, and this information can be text or URL
  • QR Codes is a completely free tool that you can use for personal or professional use
  • QR codes allow you to track the information of users who access a QR code