Image to Base64 converter

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Image to Base64 converter

Convert Image to Base64 is a simple online encoding application for the images you upload.

Base64 encodes images to speed up the loading time of small images and icons by avoiding extra requests. You can easily include tagged images encoded in CSS tags by copying the corresponding file.

How to convert an image to Base64

Step 1
Upload your images
Click the file drop area to upload an image file or drag and drop the image file.

Step 2
Start the conversion process
Click the Convert to Base64 button for the conversion process.

Step 3
Wait a few seconds
Wait for the result to appear.

Step 4
Get the result
Save or view and copy the results to your browser.

How to convert an image to Base64?

Convert an image to Base64 using Aspose OCR: Click inside the party area to load a stored image or drag and drop a stored image. Click the Convert to Base64 button. Watch or download a series.

Create Base64 from a free image?

The online converter is free. Whenever you feel the need to investigate.

How to convert an image to Base64 and copy the string?

Upload your image file. Click "Convert to Base64" to get the result.

Is it possible to convert an image on Linux, Mac OS or Android?

Base64 converter works online and there is no software installation.

How long does it take to convert an image to Base64?

This converter works fast. You can get the base64 string of the image in a few seconds.