HTML Encode

HTML encoding

What is encryption?

it is helpful to understand what encryption is because we often hear the terms encryption or word scrambling. Well, encryption is a technique where one set of data is replaced by another set of data.
For example, in our case, HTML encoding is a process where special characters like <,>, @, {,}, etc. are replaced with character-specific escape sequences known to browsers.
Browsers understand these escape sequences much better than humans, unlike these special characters.

What is HTML encoder online?

Online HTML Encoder is a simple tool that instantly encodes your HTML data. Also, to protect the user's privacy, we have completely coded this tool on the client side, which means that it will not transmit any of your data to any external servers or in other words, it will not send anything outside of your device. If you prefer, you can use this app offline.

Simply copy and paste the HTML data you want to encrypt into the tool's input field, or use the blue browse button to import the HTML file directly, then hit the blue encrypt button to complete the encrypt process.
Once the HTML data is encoded, you can copy it by clicking the copy icon, which will copy the data to your system's clipboard, where you can paste it as needed. Alternatively, you can click the blue Download to file button at the bottom of the page to download the encrypted data to your system for writing to a file. Don't forget to report any issues you encounter in our support forums.