free Google tools and services for all website or blog owners

free Google tools and services for all website or blog owners

Creating a website and benefiting from it is one of the most important and popular ways to profit from the Internet, but to create your own website, you need a lot of time and effort, and above all you need a large number of tools and services that help you create a successful website.
The good news that some may not be familiar with or know very well is that you are not going to stray from one place to get a good website, develop it and also benefit from it, the place or name you need. It's Google... just Google.

free Google tools and services for all website or blog owners
During this article, I will review with you the most important Google tools and services for each site owner that will help you create and build your site, give you all the information you need to develop and improve your site, and provide you with a way to benefit from this site.

Free Google Tools and Services to Have a Successful and Profitable Website


1. Blogger (free blogging service)

Most of those who are reading this article know what Google Blogger service is. For everyone who does not know Blogger is a free service provided by Google, through which you can create your blog in an easy, simple and free way.
And since Blogger is a Google owned service, you can expect better results on the Google search engine as compared to other free blogging services.
This is of course if you can provide good content. Also, Blogger is the only free blogging service that Google allows to place Adsense ads.

2. Google AdSense (Revenue Sharing Program)

If you have your own blog or site, and you don't know how you can benefit from it, Google also offers you Google Adsense, with which you have an account, you can get the ad codes that you place on your site. And you get a commission every time a visitor to your site clicks on these ads.

3. Google Analytics (website analysis service)

This is one of the most famous Google services for all site owners, through which you can learn about many analytical data for visitors, such as the number of daily and monthly visitors, and the source of visitors whether they come from search or not. Engines or social networking site...etc.
In addition, through Google Analytics, you can know the geographical distribution of all visitors to your site, the devices that visitors use to visit the site, and also have many other analytical data, with which you can make decisions to develop your site and improve its performance, and then get more visitors.

4. Google Keyword Planner (Keyword Tool)

Through it, you can find out the monthly search rate for each keyword or phrase. This tool is very important for you as a website owner, because with it you can craft the content of your site to match the most searched words or phrases that internet users are searching for.
Here you need to use the same keywords that Google users use to attract visitors to browse through.

5. Google Search Console (a service for tracking the site in search results)

It is another service provided by Google to site owners, through which you can find out the crawl rate of your site by Google spiders, and through which you can find out if there are problems with any of your pages that make it difficult to crawl well by Google spiders.
This service also gives you data about which pages have been indexed by Google. It also shows you if your site has security or content issues.
It is a great tool for SEO.

6. Google Alerts (keyword tracking service)

It is called Google Arabic Alerts, and through this service you can choose a large number of topics related to your site, and then every day or week depending on your choice, this service will send you messages with all the sites that have spoken recently. This is the topic you chose earlier.
For example, if you have a dog training website and include this word in Google Alerts and choose to send messages every week. This service will include all or the most important websites dealing with dog training topics.
The importance of this service reaches a very high degree, as it allows you to know the leading sites that link to your site, through which you can also find out the most important news on the topic of your site, and this will make you aware of everything that is happening around you and always have the information you need at the right time.

7. PageSpeed ​​Insights (site loading speed test tool)

This tool allows you to measure the speed of your site on desktop and mobile devices. Just copy your website link into the tool rectangle, click Analyze and this tool will calculate your average site speed out of 100 score.
And not only that, but this tool will also create a list of the most important elements or aspects that you need to adjust, so that you can significantly improve your site speed level.

8. Google Trends

Through this service, you can learn about the most popular topics that Internet users search for at a specific time, study how the topics of your site relate to these famous events from the public side, and on the other hand, you can filter these topics based on the field in which your site specializes.
You can see the most important and popular current events or news right on your site and find a way to take advantage of that.
There is also a very important feature that this service provides is to measure the search rate for any keyword and compare it to previous years.

9. Structured data testing

With this tool, you can add more structure data to your site's search results, which is additional data that Google allows each site owner to add and then appear in search results.

This additional data such as the site's logo, contact data with the site administration or the appearance of social networking site icons.

10. Mobile Device Compatibility Test

With this tool, you can see how efficiently your site appears on smartphone screens, just copy your site link and place it in the custom rectangle inside the tool, and in less than a minute, this tool will scan your site and tell you how it is compatible with smartphone screens.

11. YouTube (video hosting site)

YouTube is an independent website owned by Google, which is a video hosting service and then allows each website owner to host their own marketing videos.
Recently, the idea of ​​video marketing has been expanded, since the video does not require the fatigue and effort that reading from the user requires.
It is also an attractive element for internet users compared to articles or written texts, and YouTube here is a great free video hosting service for all website owners.

12. Expedited Mobile Pages

This service recently appeared as a Google help for smartphone users, who do not have good internet service.
On the other hand, this service provides website owners with high speeds for their sites and thus improves the mobile visitor experience.
This Google project relies on storing regular copies of websites' web pages on Google's own servers right in front of the user.

13. Google Tag Manager (Advanced analytics tool to measure anything on your site)

This tool is independent of the Google Analytics tool, and with it you can get any type of data you want about your site or your Android app. You can create a tag to monitor downloads through your site, a tag to monitor how many users scroll to the bottom of the site, or to track a visitor when they click a specific link on your site.

Tag: It is a small code added to the site through Google Tag Manager, and its function is to collect a specific type of data and information.
In fact, these Google services are important not only for all website owners, but also for all online sellers.
Here we cover a brief summary of the importance of these services and tools, but there are more details about the usefulness of each and how to use them, which we may start covering in the near future in separate topics in Winners. 

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